Retainers in Arlington, VA for Your New Smile

what are retainers

What Are Retainers and What Do Retainers Do?

Our teeth change positions all throughout our lives, and they’re more prone to shifting after orthodontic treatment.

Retainers are custom-made orthodontic devices that can either be removable or permanent (fixed). These devices can be used for the upper and lower teeth together or separately. They are essential to keeping your new smile healthy and straight. This is because after having braces or aligners your teeth aren’t permanently set in their new positions.

Retainers “retain” your new smile that you worked so hard for while your gums, bones, and muscles adjust. For the first few months after your braces or aligner treatment, our doctors recommend wearing your retainer at nighttime only.

There are two main types of retainers that are chosen based on your preference, type of treatment, and other factors that your orthodontist will discuss with you.

Types of Retainers Available At Iverson & Wahab Orthodontics

Retainers can either be removable or fixed. Based on the direction of Dr. Iverson and Dr. Wahab, you could wear just one type or a combination of both. No matter the retainer you receive, at Iverson & Wahab Orthodontics, we offer only the best in quality and efficiency.

Below, we describe the types of retainers we provide.

Hawley retainers, also known as wire or metal retainers, are suitable for both upper and lower teeth. These retainers can be easily removed and should be taken out while eating or drinking any kind of food or beverages. They should also be removed during oral hygiene routines.

A commitment to wearing your retainer as instructed will be key to maintaining your new smile. Your orthodontist will provide a specific timeframe for wearing your retainer.

Wire retainers are made of acrylic and metal. The acrylic plastic is made into an arch that fits the roof of your mouth, and the metal wire attached to it surrounds the front teeth.

These retainers can last for years, if they are properly taken care of, and they are very affordable.

Essix retainers are removable retainers made from a clear material that resembles plastic, making them virtually unnoticeable. Unlike traditional retainers, Essix retainers do not contain any wires or metal components. Instead, they’re customized to fit snugly over your teeth.

A benefit of this plastic retainer is that it is a protective barrier for your enamel against the effects of minor grinding. If you have already undergone treatment with clear aligners, you may find the concept of removable retainers familiar since they share similar characteristics.

Permanent retainers are similar to braces in that they remain in your mouth. These retainers are bonded to the back of your teeth and cannot be removed without the assistance of an orthodontist.

Typically, this kind of retainer is used only for the bottom teeth. To achieve retention, a strong metal wire is attached behind the front six teeth. Permanent retainers are completely unnoticeable, and they can last anywhere from 3-10 years with proper care.

Since permanent retainers are bonded to your teeth, extra care must be taken when eating and brushing, just like if you had braces. Depending on your specific orthodontic needs, these retainers may need lifelong bonding with regular maintenance.

Protect Your Smile With Retainers From Iverson & Wahab Orthodontics

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